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MCA - Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation - Dry Needling

Dry Needling will improve your skin's texture, soften wrinkles, correct scarring, and help to remove sunspots, giving your skin a more youthful appearance, and creating new cell growth. It is much more affordable than plastic or laser surgery.

MCA (Dry Needling) is a new process for the treatment of hypo pigmented scar tissue. It is the evolution of a theory originally postulated by renowned international laser specialist Adrianna Scheibner, MD.  While most laser treatments are primarily utilized for removing color from the skin, Dr. Scheibner conducted laser treatments on hypo pigmented tissues to see if the areas could repigment naturally. In several instances, the "disrupted tissue" would react to the mild trauma created by the laser and begin collagen restructuring. The collagen restructuring (actuation) would in turn stimulate the presence of the melanocyte cells within the affected area, epidermis and the scar tissue would return to its normal color. 

This theory also applies to fine wrinkles on the face. It begins the collagen restructuring (actuation) to fill in wrinkles on the face. I use micro entomology needles to stimulate collagen restructuring within the dermis, allowing melanocytes to the epidermis. The majority of cases experience at least 75% repigmentation or greater after 3 months. Wrinkles start to soften in about 3-4 weeks. 

The procedure is not typically applied by a physician, but rather a designated specialist trained as a MCA certified Derma-Technician. Most Derma-Technicians are already comfortable with needles, pain control, and patient care.

Dry Needling: $225 per hour

I have been trained in blood-born pathogen safety and follow strict guidelines in accordance with OSHA and CDC regulations with regard to safety, sterilization and sanitation.  Only single-use needles are used with every application.