Your Style Permanent Makeup and Nails 
by Patty Vought

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Nail Services, Pedicures

Nail Services

Professional nail services can do more than make you look good! 

There can be mental health benefits to a manicure and pedicure in that they also enhance circulation and reduce stress, thereby making you feel good too!   At "Your Style Permanent Makeup and Nails by Patty Vought" my nail services range from classic to classy; special occasion and above all, totally "Your Style!"

Nail Options

Many people ask me the difference between polish, gel polish, hard gel, and acrylic nails.  Most people are familiar with nail polish, and it is great for those who want to add some color or have a "French Nail" classic look on their natural nails. However, with polish you will need to wait for it to dry, and you will be lucky to get a week's worth of wear before it starts to chip.  

If you are looking for something more durable, I suggest trying a Gel Polish. Gel polish comes in a bottle and cures in a light. It is instantly dry after curing, so you won't have to worry about smudging or chipping. Gel polish (commonly referred to as shellac) has proven to be very popular, and you will get longer wear with it than with regular nail polish. Gel polish is typically removed by soaking with acetone.


If you prefer even more durable strength, you might want to consider a Hard Gel. Unlike Gel polish,  hard gel can only be removed with an E-file, and cannot be soaked off. It comes in a pot, not a bottle, and will give you strength, as well as durability.  It is less damaging than acrylic. If anyone is using a powder and a liquid to create a nail overlay on your nails, it is acrylic, and not gel.  I have had clients come to me telling me that they have "Gel Nails" only to find out that they actually have "acrylic" nails, with a Gel topcoat, which is not the same as true Hard Gel nails.

I am now offering "Powder Dipped" nails!! You dip your nails into the powder polish dipping system, and vwalla!! It is incredibly strong lasting  2-3 weeks, and is like an overlay over your own nail. The nails I have used this system on, are stronger than ever! It won't chip or peel, and I currently have 25 color options including a beautiful French nail. 

Nail Services 


Nails are shaped, then you will soak in warmed almond lotion, followed by a relaxing arm and hand massage, cuticle clean up, and polish if desired.

Spa Manicure:

Nails are shaped, then you will enjoy an arm and hand massage, with paraben-free lotion, and a warm towel wrap followed by cuticle clean up, and polish if desired.

Relaxing Pedicure:

Enjoy a 1 hour Spa Pedicure starting with a relaxing Green Tea/Lemongrass foot soak, followed by callous removal if needed, toenail clipping, sloughing lotion, exfoliating scrub, and a soothing leg and foot massage. Service is finished off with polish if desired.

Nail Art: 

If you like nail art, I'm your girl! I enjoy creating or providing my clients with art that will reflect their style!

Gel Toes:

If you want toenail polish that lasts and lasts, try gel toes! Whether using a soak off or hard gel, you will love the fact that they are instantly dry after curing in the light, and they won't chip or peel.

Nail Products

Gel Polish:

I use CND Shellac, and OPI Gel polish, and have over 30 colors to choose from. Gel polish is a wonderful alternative to polish for your nails. It is cured in a UV light, and is designed to last for 2 weeks. It is more durable than regular nail polish, and won't chip or peel.

Hard Gel:

I use "Light Elegance" hard gel which can be used as an overlay over your natural nail to give you strength, or it can also  be used over tips to give you length if you have very short nails. Hard Gel is lighter weight than acrylic, and will not damage your nails. it cures in a UV light, which makes it instantly dry, so you don't have to worry about messing  them up. It is designed to last 2-3 weeks without having to worry about chipping or peeling. I have over 100 colors to choose from and also have many "glitter gel" colors to add a little "bling" if desired. The possibilities are endless!

natural nails before service
pretty frendh tip  gel nails

"Before" nails                                                                                                                     "After" using gel to create a beautiful french  manicure

fun nail art

Nail Service Price List:

Manicure -                                       $25
Polish Change -                               $15
Pedicure -                                        $42
Spa Manicure -                                $25
Shellac/Gel polish                           $30


Full set with tips added -              $45
Full set/overlay -                            $35
Regular fill -                                    $35
French set with tips added -        $45
Full French overlay -                      $40
French Fill -                                     $35
Gel Toes -                                        $35

NAIL ART -  $2 per nail $10 extra for full set