Your Style Permanent Makeup and Nails 
by Patty Vought

Dry Needling, Gel Nails, Manicures, 
Nail Services, Pedicures

Simplify Your Life!

Do you spend hours getting ready? Are you looking to simplify your life? Permanent makeup is the solution!

Why should you choose permanent makeup?

Well, aside from saving valuable time getting ready, it's great for people with unsteady hands, thinning eyebrows, glasses, or cosmetic allergies! Our pigment products are MRI safe & hypoallergenic. We believe our clients deserve the best, so we put a lot of working into choosing the best products!
What other benefits does permanent makeup offer?

You'll be able to “get up and go!” looking like you spent hours ready, without wasting a single second! It doesn't come off if you cry, sweat, or swim! 

About Me

Patty Vought has been a certified permanent makeup artist & licensed nail technician since 2011. She specializes in Permanent makeup services, and is a member of the SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals) and also offers natural manicures and pedicures, gel nail polish, hard gel & powder dip nails. Patty is extremely passionate about nail art! You can find her at Your Style Permanent Make up and Nails, located in the Salon Suites: 5036 Gull Road Suite "P" Kalamazoo, MI.  

The permanent makeup services I offer truly will enhance your lifestyle and save you precious time. It is perfect for people with busy or active lifestyles. Permanent Makeup will not wipe off, and it is great for those who wear glasses, and struggle to apply their makeup consistently the way they want.

Patty is a proud Jafra Cosmetics distributor, which offers state-of-the-art skin and beauty care products from head to toe.

Patty Vought, permanent makeup artist, nail technician, manicurist, Jafra Cosmetics distributer